Top 6 Marble Colours Around The World

Top 6 Marble Colours Around The World: Collection of popular marble colours in a stone tile gallery.

It’s been prized for its beauty and versatility for thousands of years. From ancient Greek sculptures to modern luxury homes, marble adds elegance and style wherever used. With a wide range of natural colours and patterns, marble offers endless options to match any design aesthetic.

When it comes to marble worktops and vanities, the colour plays a significant role in setting the tone of your space. This article highlights the top 6 most popular marble colours and their unique characteristics. Understanding the nuances of these marble types will help you choose the perfect slab for your next project. Whether looking for a bright white stone or a dramatic dark hue, the world’s quarries offer exotic marble in every shade.

A CGI render of Calacatta marble

1) Calacatta: The Epitome of Luxury

Calacatta marble, sourced from Italy’s Carrara quarries, is a luxurious choice for marble and bathroom worktops. Its white base is adorned with dark grey veining, offering a rich aesthetic.

There are many variations of this type of marble, such as:

Calacatta Gold

This version of Calacatta is richer in colour than the ‘typical’ white marble. It is warmer in tone but not dark; however, it still has the dark grey veining throughout.

Calacatta Fantasia

This is an off-white marble, which is very similar to the original/ classic Calacatta. However, the veining throughout the marble is very dark.

Calacatta Grey

This is a greyish-white marble with subtle light brown veining running throughout.

Calacatta Vagli

This type of Calacatta has a well-defined look; it is medium brown with large sections darted around the stone, where it’s lighter in colour.

Calacatta Vagli Rosata

This is a light brown & off-white marble with dark brown and black sections around/ within the stone.

CGI render of a Carrara marble worktop

2) Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble, just like the Calacatta, is quarried in the Carrara region of Italy, hence why many people get the two marbles confused. However, Carrara Marble is usually white, grey or has a bluish undertone to it, and the veining is much lighter and less defined than the Calacatta marble.

Carrara marble can be light and feathery or more dense and robust. Carrara marble is more widely available compared to Calacatta. As Carrara Marble is so pristine white, many people use it in bathrooms, bringing a bright & clean feel to any room.

The most common type of Carrara Marble is Bianco Carrara, but there are other sub-types of this stone below –

Bianco Carrara Venato

This bright white marble, with dark brown or black veining throughout- makes it a unique type of Carrara stone.

Bianco Carrara Extra

This type of Carrara is a light off-white with light brown veining throughout.

3) Milan Grey

Milan Grey marble is quarried in the Milan region of Italy. It’s a muted grey colour with light grey veining.

This marble has a more uniform and geometric design; it’s excellent for a contemporary or modern look. It has a graceful matte finish and can be used anywhere in your home. The most popular option is using the Milan Gray as a tiled backsplash in showers.

Emperador Dark

4) Dark Emperador

Dark Emperador marble is quarried in 3 different regions in Spain. It has many hues, but dark emperador is the most popular. It’s a deep chocolate brown marble with refined grains and random veining. This marble can create a homey environment for any household and is usually used for floors or fireplaces.

Nero Marquina Marble-effect Porcelain

5) Black Marble

The most popular type of black marble is Nero Marquina, which is quarried in Spain. It’s deep in colour with complimentary white or grey veining running throughout. Due to its chic appearance, black marble is used in many modern homes in, kitchens and fireplaces.

Crema Marfil style surface

6) Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil is quarried in Spain and comes in multiple colour options. This marble is typically known for being a creamy yellow colour, with varied gradients of veining.

This stone is best accompanied by warm-toned tiles and natural accents in homes. It works extremely elegantly when paired with wood. Due to its natural aesthetic, people use Crema Marfil marble in outdoor home invitations.

With its timeless beauty and limitless variations, marble makes a gorgeous design statement in any home or commercial space. From the pristine whites of Carrara to the brooding elegance of Black Marquina, marble conveys luxury, refinement, and style. Choosing from the range of marble colours and types allows you to match your vision. Let marble lend its natural artistry to your next construction or remodelling project.

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