Top 6 Granite Colours Around the World (2019)


In this post we look at the top 6 granite colours in the world. Granite is a hard stone ideal for use in high-traffic applications, including kitchen worktops, interior and exterior flooring. Many retail and urban developments also use granite in external landscaping because of its beauty combined with its hard-wearing, anti-slip properties.

Have a look at the top 6 granite colours in the world below:

When it comes to interior design and particularly kitchen design, despite the rise of quartz and sintered stone surfaces in the market, granite is still the king of stone surfaces because of its inherent beauty and unique, natural characteristics, to many.

Black Granite

Black Granite: Cosmic Black

Leading producers of black granite:

  • India
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Sweden

Black granite is definitely one of the most popular choices, in regarding home decorations, this is mainly due to its effective hue. As granite is an all natural stone it varies within textures, because of this black granite can appear to have particles of brown,white and blue running throughout the stone. The high quartz present within black granite gives the surface a well textured appearance, even after cutting and polishing. The base texture and overall visual representation is also very consistent.

Blue Granite

Blue Granite: Blue Pearl

Leading producers of blue granite:

  • Spain
  • Brazil

Blue granite is also known as Azul granite. The rocks that crystallise to form the stone are a transcendent blue. Azul granite is the second most popular, right after black granite, this is mostly because of the wide range of colour and variety you get with this particular type of stone. This type of granite contains patterns of white, black, grey and various other shades of blue.

White Granite

River White Granite

Leading producers of white granite:

  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • China

There’s no ‘true’ white granite due to the chemical compositions and stratification involved. Due to the natural composition of granite you’ll never have two pieces that are the same, which adds to it’s unique and elegant form. There’s always a variant with white granite, with slightly distorted shades of black and grey over a white base or a combination of ivory.

Green Granite

Green Granite: Verde Lara

Leading producers of green granite:

  • India
  • Norway

Green granite is seen to be very versatile due to the large range of colours provided by the hue. its said that green granite has the largest variations of hue compared to any other colour of granite. Although the base colour of the stone always remains green, depending of which country its distributed from, the complimentary colours within the granite will differ. Green granite distributed from Norway usually has a more bluish & aqueous appearance, compared to the granite distributed by India, which tends to be complimented by shades of pink and grey. There’s also other forms of green granite that include black striping, or even metallic flex such as gold.

Pink Granite


Leading producers of pink granite:

  • China
  • Brazil

Pink granite, also known as rose granite, is the rarest type of granite available, this is mainly because  the chemicals needed to create this colour of stone rarely join together, in large enough proportions to react so. its still somewhat easy to find granite with a red base colour, however its relatively unusual to find ‘true’ rose as a base colour.

The base colour of this stone is usually varies from rose to lavender, and the complimentary colours within the stone include white and yellow.

Gold & Copper Granite

Leading producers of gold and copper granite:

  • Italy
  • Brazil

Although metallic granite can be found all over the world, Brazil and Italy are the leading distributors of gold & copper granite, with maximum deposits located. theses metallic hues are popular choices for designer constructions, as they include elements such as copper, gold and any other common metals within the region.

The base colours for this stone are usually white, black or grey with sharp contrasting metallic hues as complimentary colours running throughout the stone, which creates rich designs in home decor.

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