Arga from the Stonika range of Dekton products

Bergen from the Stonika range of Dekton products

Taga from the Stonika X-Gloss range of Dekton products

Dekton's Stonika Collection blends with nature to create 4 classic colors of hyper-realistic beauty. Vibrant veined patterns and textures with the highest technological performance of a revolutionary surface. Dekton® becomes Nature and makes it last forever. Dekton® becomes Nature itself and ensures its longevity.

Hyperrealist Design

Unlike other surfaces, the use of a thick vitreous layer is not necessary with Dekton® XGloss Stonika technology. Consequently, the image is not distorted and allows for greater clarity and realism of the designs.

Thermal and Scratch Resistance

Dekton® Stonika belongs to the Xgloss collection, so it keeps the same scratch properties as other polished colors. Base and surface behave to temperature changes in the same way by avoiding common cracks due to the difference in expansion between the two elements.

Sublime Edge

Dekton® XGloss Stonika is conceived as a unique piece unlike other products where a glassy layer is distinguished. Its surface layer is almost imperceptible due to the thickness. It's the thinnest in the market and it fuses perfectly with the base by creating a single more compact and resistant material.
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