Dekton Worktops

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Dekton Advantages

Why choose Dekton for your kitchen worktops or bathroom surfaces?

High UV Resistance

Dekton is highly UV light resistant meaning it resists fading under the sun's rays and will not degrade over time. This makes it perfect for outdoor applications or in rooms with a lot of direct sunlight.

Scratch Resistant

Dekton is so tough, you'll have to protect your knives from it! It reverses the trend of soft worktops getting damaged by cutting and prolongs the life of your kitchen by resisting damaging scratches. Chopping board advised to prevent blunt utensils.

Not just stain resistant... Stain PROOF!

Other surfaces are stain resistant. Dekton takes it up a notch and offers completely stain proof kitchen worktops. Even wine and rust stand no chance of affecting the look. So good is it, we had to make a rusted-effect worktop from it to cater for those with a taste for the distressed look. (Trillium)

High heat and flame resistance

No more scorch marks from hot pans and pots. Dekton offers such a high heat resistance that you can take them off the hob or out of the oven and place directly on top without delay or fear of damaging your kitchen worktops.
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