What is Silestone?

Silestone is a brand of engineered stone quartz manufactured by Cosentino. It’s available in a wide range of colours and patterns, making it a popular choice for countertops, backsplashes, bathroom worktops and other surfaces in residential and commercial settings.

It’s made from natural quartz that is crushed and then combined with resins and pigments to create a unique material that is both durable and beautiful.

Silestone is the original quartz surface for interior applications

Silestone s a hybrid surface composed of high-quality natural minerals and recycled materials.

The exclusive HybriQĀ® technology employed in its manufacture creates more sustainable architectural surfaces.

It’s non-porous, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant, making it an ideal choice for busy kitchens and bathrooms. It is also environmentally friendly, as it is made using recycled materials. Silestone countertops are made from a natural quartz crystal that is then combined with resins and pigments to create a hard, durable surface.

Silestone is a global, pioneering & sustainable material.

It has achieved widespread adoption in over 100 countries, providing people with a better living experience. Throughout its history, Silestone has pioneered cutting-edge technology, and it is still seeking to inspire you.

A surface made of recycled materials and minerals combines sustainability and innovation, resulting in a deep colour and high performance.

Features of Silestone

Silestone in the kitchen, showing kitchen worktops

Silestone in the kitchen

With its outstanding stain and acid resistance, maintaining your kitchen’s surface is simple.

Built for daily life. Silestone Arden Blue Kitchen

Built for daily use

You don’t have to worry about handling very hard objects because it is very resistant to scratches and impacts.

Silestone Arden Blue worktop edge detail

Worry-free ownership

For additional peace-of-mind, it comes with a fantastic 25-year guarantee, for worry-free ownership.

Silestone slab thicknesses (12mm, 20mm, 300mm) stacked on top of each other

Big sizes for big projects.

Slab Formats:

  • Jumbo slab: 325 x 159 cm;
  • Standard slab: 306 x 144 cm.
Available thicknesses:
  • 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm

Nothing compares to SilestoneĀ® textures.

Polished Finish - Silestone

Polished Finish

Exceptionally shiny and smooth finish with a vibrant and consistent colour.

Silestone Suede Finish

Suede Finish

Unique and pleasant soft feel to the touch, with a matte finish.

Silestone Volcano Finish

Volcano Finish

An attractive, soft, and pleasant rough, rustic texture.

Silestone is environmentally friendly

HybriQ+Ā® tech offers a sustainable future.

The addition of HybriQ+Ā® (Plus) to the SilestoneĀ® line is an important milestone in the companyā€™s effort to reduce its environmental impact. HybriQ+Ā® (Plus) contains at least 20% recycled glass in addition to other recycled materials, lowering the materialā€™s environmental impact.

Silestone Hybriq+ concept image showing different layers that go into the making of a piece of quartz.

Get Inspired With The Latest Colours

Popular Colours

Miami Vena | Et Noir | Tebas Black | Desert Silver | Ethereal Noctis | Ethereal Glow | Ethereal Haze | Ethereal Dusk | Et Calacatta Gold | Cincel Grey | Arcilla Red | Cala Blue | Posidonia Green | Faro White | Halcyon | Corktown | Camden | Poblenou | Seaport | Nolita | Miami Vena | Et NoirĀ | Tebas Black | Desert Silver

Silestone in the home

Silestone in the kitchen - kitchen worktop with fresh bread on a bread-board.


Everything takes place in the kitchen, the soul of the home. The kitchen is where we reunite with our family and friends, and where we relish the experience of living.

Transforming the kitchen experience with Silestone.

Since its inception, it has driven significant developments in its sector, changing the world of kitchen worktops.

With Silestone, we are reinventing kitchen worktop installation with slimline, large-format slabs in an array of contemporary colours.

Expertly fitted, designed for your life.

The SilestoneĀ® kitchen
Silestone bathroom showing bathroom worktops and splashback tiles, bathroom cladding


A SilestoneĀ® bathroom is there for you as a sanctuary of peace and well-being. You can count on its seamless, hygienic, and easy-to-maintain surfaces to bring you health and peace of mind.

The comprehensive solution for the bathroom, whether it be worktops, washbasins, shower trays, flooring, or cladding, is Silestone.

The SilestoneĀ® bathroom

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Silestone Furniture

You can express your personal style with unique and functional dining or coffee table surfaces in the home using Silestone furniture. Our team of expert stonemasons can fabricate any size or shape table top for you, with several different edging options, depending on the thickness of the material.

For smaller tables, a 12mm surface is more common. For larger designs, a 20mm or even 30mm table top thickness will give you stunning, strong and durable results.

Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Silestone Furniture - pic shows a table top mounted on a steel frame for a coffee table idea.

Silestone Pros and Cons


Some pros include that:

  • it is a very strong and durable material,
  • it is heat resistant,
  • it is easy to clean and care for,
  • it comes in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Additionally, Silestone is non-porous, meaning that it won’t absorb spills or stains, and it is also resistant to bacteria and mold.

It can be used in a variety of applications, including kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, internal flooring, and interior wall cladding.


Some cons include:

  • It can be a bit more expensive than some other countertop materials, so you’ll need to factor that into your budget.
  • It is a man-made material, so it may not have the same natural look as granite or marble.
  • It requires professional installation.

Thankfully, MGD are on-hand to deliver expert installation and fantastic prices on Silestone, so you don’t need to worry when choosing this great product for your home.

Shop Silestone Products

Indisputable leader in countertops for 25 years,Ā Silestone is made of more than 90% natural quartz which means it possesses strength in its surfaces, providing the outstanding resistance and durability properties that you need in your home.

These characteristics provide the best option not only for your kitchen, with the world famous Silestone quartz worktops, but also in bathroom, floors and cladding. Discover its colours, textures and more on the links below for a range of Silestone products: