MGD makes standard or custom-sized shower trays – bespoke to your specifications. Our customised trays can be produced in any shape or size, with flush or framed designs.

You can order bespoke shower trays to almost any dimensions up to around 2.5sqm, depending on the shape, from almost all type of stone that we stock, including marble shower trays, granite shower trays, quartz shower trays or porcelain shower trays.

Shower trays - bespoke shower tray in a bathroom (modern) with marble-effect tiled flooring in large format tiles.

Quartz shower trays

The most popular option for bespoke shower trays is quartz. Quartz is a hard material that is non-porous, so water will not absorb into the material, unlike some natural stone. This makes for a cleaner, lower maintenance product. With hundreds of different colours to choose from and a variety of thicknesses of material available, quartz is a versatile material to use as a whole-bathroom solution for floors, walls and bathroom surfaces if you’re looking to create a hard-wearing and high-end theme.

We stock a wide range of quartz brands at MGD, so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to ordering a shoer tray – bespoke to your requirements:

Our custom shower trays are all anti-slip, offering a safe choice.

All outer tray sizes can be specified, allowing for the bespoke tray to fit into unusual and oddly-shaped areas within your bathroom.

There are no limits on size, shape, or waste position when ordering an MGD Made-To-Measure Shower Tray. Our standard design is 38mm thick, but we can also make one extra deep if needed.

Each bespoke shower tray is individually made to order to meet specific needs and designs. Our shower trays are the perfect solution to create luxurious high-end bathrooms and shower rooms.

Huge Colour range

There are a wide variety of colour choices to pick from when selecting a tray. You can choose from marble, granite, quartz and porcelain in a choice of colours and styles, from veined to sparkling, granular to stone-effect, the options are almost endless.

With several matching tile combinations you can finish the entire bathroom with a matching look, even with bathroom accessories like shower shelves and bathroom vanities, if you like.

When people contact us about commissioning a bespoke shower tray, the most common question we receive is ‘How much is a custom shower tray?’

It’s not simple to give pricing guidelines, but we’ll try.

What is the price for a custom shower tray?

The answer is, it depends. Different materials vary in price per square metre, so it depends on

  • a) material/colour choice
  • b) size of the shower tray
  • c) shape and complexity of design
  • d) amount of work needed to reach the finished product from the bare materials.

It wouldn’t be inaccurate though to say that roughly 10x the price of a standard, off-the-shelf, mass-produced shower tray would be realistic as a ballpark figure, depending on the above variables.

For that you get a completely custom design that is made to fit your exact requirements, resulting in a product that is

  • completely unique product
  • easy to install on existing pipework,
  • fits perfectly where you want it to go,
  • is built to last a lifetime.

Bespoke Shower Tray Estimator:

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