Silestone Eternal Series

The Eternal Series quantifies Silestone’s connections to nature and the magnitude of its unique and everlasting qualities.

A unique collection of Silestone slabs…

The Silestone Eternal Series is crafted to match the characteristics of natural stone, with individual vein and colour characteristics to give every slab a unique appearance.

Eternal Series Products:

Marble-effect, white quartz surface that includes thick electric veins set off against a greyish luminous background. Its presence in any space will add personality and contrast, whether it be a classic or contemporary taste.

The Eternal Collection's Charcoal Soapstone is a marble-like quartz worksurface with sharp white veins that has a greenish-grey background.


The fine and transparent vein pattern of Desert Silver from the Eternal quartz range of Silestone evokes an icy surface.

Inspired by one of the most famous natural stones of all time, Eternal Calacatta Gold is a white quartz worktop patterned with blueish and grey veins, with hints of gold.

Eternal Marfil offers a neutral marble colour that is both natural and serene. A soft, creamy orange marble with subtle, liquid veins of soft, creamy orange.

Eternal Marquina or Et Marquina is a Silestone quartz surface with a deep black base and bright white veins.

Asymmetric patterning and beauty of the Natural Stone are the inspiration for Eternal Noir.

Eternal Serena provides a stone-inspired aesthetic, where thin white veins run through a greenish-grey background, that blends with any kitchen décor.

Eternal Statuario is a marble-effect quartz worktop that has a blue-white surface with light and bright veins in grey and pink hues.

Pearl Jasmine creates an impressive fractured effect with its white limestone look and subtle grey veins.

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