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Basaltina Volcano

Dark grey stone-effect porcelain worktop from Atlas Plan.

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Large-size stone-effect slabs in porcelain stoneware.

Essential graphics and vibrant colour create an extremely natural effect inspired by volcanic basalt. Essential and elegant. With their tactile force and graphics, lava stone-effect slabs are a commanding, characteristic presence in every space.

Intriguing intersecting surfaces

The slabs come in the size 162×324 cm and are available in a matte finish with a thickness of 6 and 12 mm.

Recommended for covering tables, kitchen islands, worktops and backsplashes, ventilated façades, bathroom vanity units and bar and restaurant counters.

Ordinary cleaning

For the ordinary cleaning of Atlas Plan slabs, it is advisable to remove the dust with a dry and clean cloth. Afterwards, we recommend using the product FILABRIO. We suggest using the doses recommended by the manufacturer and a microfiber cloth.

In any case, to avoid extraordinary cleaning, it is advisable to immediately remove any stain before it dries.

Extraordinary cleaning

In the case of dirt that is resistant to ordinary cleaning, it is recommended to use a detergent specific to the type of dirt.

Prompt action remains an important factor for the success of the cleaning operation. It is suggested to perform a preliminary test on a small stained portion, verifying the effectiveness of the detergent before using it on the whole surface. Never use concentrated hydrochloric acid and/or caustic soda or detergents that contain hydrofluoric acid and/or its derivatives.


The good result of the cleaning process is strictly related not only to the accurate choice of the product type but to its correct application as well. Thus, Atlas Plan always recommends to view the technical data sheet of the product chosen for cleaning.