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12mm Estatuario Book

Marble-style white porcelain worktop by Coverlam Top.

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Estatuario Book is a white, marble-style porcelain worktop from the Coverlam Top collection by Grespania.


COVERLAM TOP is an innovative product made from natural raw materials with exceptional mechanical and aesthetic properties that surpass those of any conventional tiling material.

With its 1600x3200mm and 1000X3000mm format, and 12mm and 10.5mm thicknesses, COVERLAM TOP is easy to cut and handle, making it a suitable material for covering large areas inside the

With Coverlam Top it is now possible to achieve ultra-resistant finishes for kitchen countertops, tables or cupboards.

Thanks to its great strength, COVERLAM TOP is resistant to everyday wear and scratches on countertops, thus maintaining its original aesthetic vibrancy for longer.

COVERLAM TOP can also meet the most demanding needs of the home in terms of resistance to heat, chemicals and damp stain. In addition, thanks to its minimal porosity, it is a hygienic, antibacterial surface ideal for food preparation.


Coverlam Top is a member of RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) an association of professional architects based in the United Kingdom with over 40,000 members, including some of the most prominent architects of the past 100 years. One of the many aims of RIBA is dissemination and training, aims that Grespania collaborates with though its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) modules.

BIM Technology

BIM or ´Building Information Modeling´ uses centralised pooled information as a product model to enable architects and consultants to work together, share data, check for inconsistencies, clashes and better work together. All drawings are basically an automatic output from the information model; all plans, sections & elevations are generated automatically and are kept updated all the time.


Coverlam Top is NSF certified, which guarantees its compliance with certain minimum health and hygiene requirements for materials that come into contact with food, for the duration of the product life span.


Coverlam Top has an environmental management system structured and certified strictly according to the guidelines set by ISO 14001. This system is subject to yearly external audits that detect, evaluate and minimise the effect the production activity may have on the environment.


Coverlam Top has implemented a Quality System according to the UNE EN ISO 9001 International regulation, which sets the requirements to guarantee quality during the stages of design, development, production and sales.


Natural, Polished