Utility Room Makeover: A Stunning Quartz Worktop Choice

Read about a recent installation project that featured Azul Aran Unistone, with a detailed look at the process and end result. Whether you’re a homeowner or a design professional, this post will provide valuable insights into the world of quartz worktops.

Discover the beauty and durability of Azul Aran Unistone, a blue-grey quartz composite stone, and learn about the manufacturer, Brachot.

The process of sourcing, fabricating, and installing a quartz worktop like the Azul Aran Unistone one featured in this project involves several key steps. Firstly, we work closely with our clients to determine their specific requirements, including the size, shape, and edge detailing of the worktop.

Once we have the specifications, we source the quartz material from a reputable supplier, in this case, Brachot’s Unistone brand. The material is then cut and shaped to the precise measurements using advanced machinery, ensuring a perfect fit for the client’s space.

We take pride in our attention to detail, which is why we ensure that each cut is precise and that the edges are finished to the highest standard. In this project, the worktop featured a single chamfer edge detail, which is a clean, modern design that is both sleek and functional.

We also fabricated a custom drainage groove system to fit around the client’s Belfast sink, ensuring that any excess water would be directed away from the worktop and into the sink. This helps to prevent any water damage or staining to the quartz surface.

In addition to the worktop itself, we also installed 100mm upstands to create a seamless finish and protect the surrounding walls from any splashes or spills. We even templated and installed 30mm thick window cills to ensure a cohesive and coordinated look throughout the room.

Overall, the process of sourcing, fabricating, and installing a quartz worktop like this one is a complex and highly detailed process that requires expert knowledge and precision. We take pride in delivering a high-quality product that is both beautiful and functional, and we ensure that each installation is completed to the highest standard.


This utility room fit-out project was a comprehensive worktop manufacture and installation project that involved several key details and customisations to suit the needs and style of the utility room.

Here are some key features of the project:

    • Single chamfer edge details: The edge detail is an important part of the worktop’s design and can impact the overall aesthetic of the space. The use of a single chamfer edge detail suggests a clean, minimalist look that can complement a range of interior styles.
    • 100mm upstands: Upstands are a great way to protect walls from moisture and splashes, and can add a nice finishing touch to a worktop. With a height of 100mm, these upstands are tall enough to provide ample protection, while still maintaining a sleek and streamlined look.
    • Belfast sink cutout with custom drainage grooves: A Belfast sink is a popular choice for utility rooms, thanks to its deep bowl and durable design. The sink was custom-fitted to the worktop, and the addition of custom drainage grooves suggests that functionality was a key consideration in the design.
    • 30mm thick window sills: Window sills can be a nice addition to a utility room, and the use of a 30mm thickness means they are substantial enough to provide a solid surface for plants or other decorative items.
    • Templated and installed: Templating and installation are critical parts of any worktop project. These steps were handled by the us, in addition to product sourcing and fabrication. This ensured a seamless and coordinated process, which helped to minimise the risk of errors or delays.

Overall, it was a carefully planned and executed installation that incorporated a range of features to suit the specific needs and style of the utility room.

Unistone Azul Aran Utility Room Fit-out

About Azul Aran Unistone

Azul Aran Unistone is a stunning and durable quartz composite worktop that is inspired by the natural beauty of Azul Aran granite. The worktop is composed of a mixture of silicon, quartz, and polyester resin as a binder, resulting in a highly resilient and low-maintenance surface that is perfect for modern living spaces.

The worktop’s blue-grey colour is complemented by irregular darker structures that create a sense of movement and depth across the surface. The texture of the worktop is coarse-grained, and the swirling patterns add an element of natural-looking, stone-effect beauty to the design.

Unlike natural stone, Azul Aran Unistone is highly resistant to scratches, chips, and other forms of damage. It is also highly heat-resistant, making it ideal for use in the kitchen. The worktop is easy to clean and maintain, with no need for sealing or resealing, making it a highly practical choice for busy households.

The worktop’s origin in Vietnam adds to its exotic appeal, and its petrographic classification as a quartz composite ensures that it is highly durable and long-lasting. It is available in both 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, allowing for a range of design options, from sleek and minimalist to sturdy and impactful.

Azul Aran Unistone is a highly versatile and practical choice for those looking for a stylish and low-maintenance worktop option. Its unique colour and pattern, combined with its durability and practicality, make it an excellent choice for both residential installations and commercial spaces.

Azul Aran with Belfast Sink Cutout

About Brachot, the manufacturer of Unistone

Brachot, the manufacturer of Unistone Quartz, is a leading specialist in natural stone and blended materials, offering landscape and surface materials. The company has a rich history, starting as a wholesaler in natural stone slabs and growing to become an international player with quarries, production sites, and distribution centers in various countries. Brachot’s own range is complemented by products from renowned international quarries and suppliers, and the company offers an extensive range of materials and products, with over 800 types of materials in their range.

The company consists of various brands and divisions, each with its own specialization, from quarrying certain types of natural stone to sawing and processing materials in a specific manner or distributing blocks, slabs, tiles, and projects under a marketed brand. Brachot’s family members are spread across the world, each with its own identity, yet united by the shared values of sustainability, innovation, and integrity.

One of Brachot’s brands is Unistone, which offers quartz composite surfaces like the Azul Aran Unistone. The company also has other brands like Unimarble, Uniceramica, and Terrazzo, which offer a response to the specific needs and style preferences of each customer in blended materials. In addition to their own brands, Brachot also invests in sustainable quarrying and works with various international quarries and suppliers.

Sustainability is an essential value for Brachot, and the company guarantees an environmentally friendly process, from extraction and production to distribution and recycling. This process includes reallocation plans for mined-out quarries, which is a crucial liability. Brachot is committed to innovation, acquisition, knowledge growth, and sustainability efforts, making them a leading player in the field of landscape and surface materials, and one we’re proud to work with and champion their products.

Utility room fit-out for a customer using Azul Aran Unistone 30mm

Summing Up

In conclusion, this portfolio piece showcases the expertise and attention to detail that our company brings to every project. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we work closely with our clients to create custom solutions that meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations.

Through this project, we demonstrated our ability to source, fabricate, and install a complete utility room worktop, featuring a variety of bespoke elements including single chamfer edge details, 100mm upstands, custom drainage grooves, and 30mm thick window sills.

Our partnership with leading natural stone manufacturer Brachot ensures that we have access to an extensive range of high-quality materials, including the Unistone Quartz composite used in this project. We take pride in our sustainable approach to quarrying, production, and distribution, guaranteeing an environmentally friendly process from start to finish.

Overall, we are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service to every client, and this project serves as a testament to that commitment.