About this project:

We used French White, a 30mm quartz surface from Silkstone and finished it with a single chamfer edge profile, polished sink cutout, single tap-hole and a set of drainage grooves. Supplied, templated and installed by us into this open plan kitchen.

We think it’s a great addition to this space and gives an added dimension to the kitchen. It’s a smart idea to use quartz countertops where there will be a lot of water, rather than using wooden countertops, as quartz countertops are impervious to water, so will not degrade like other materials can when exposed to lots of water or spills.

The quartz kitchen worktop provides a great contrast to the dark grey sink, hand-painted cabinets and solid wood countertop, adding versatility to the space by mixing surfaces, textures and tones. A winning combination!

French White Quartz Countertop Installation Pics:

Here are some pics from the installation of this Silkstone quartz countertop material.

About Silkstone Quartz Countertops

Silkstone Quartz is our most affordable quartz range – a solidly engineered material with a small but stunning range of colours and styles. Most options are available in either a polished or honed finish. Baltic Grey also comes in a more textured, leathered finish, creating the ultimate Nordic Chic effect. The range is split into three collections: New England, Marble and Diamante.

About French White

French White is a quartz countertop material produced by Silkstone that has a mottled, aged appearance, reminiscent of concrete.

Concrete-effect countertops are very popular nowadays as people look to diversify their colours and textures around the home and French White is a fantastic quality example that is popular with our customers because it combines a very modern, forward-looking, textured appearance with a great price tag. Who can resist a bargain?

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