Cendre Unistone Countertop Project

Project Overview

The MGD team recently partnered with a client to bring their vision to life with a striking Cendre Unistone countertop. Crafted from a fine-grained grey quartz compound, the Cendre Unistone is renowned for its elegant, timeless appeal and pale, rounded fragments, made with top-tier BRETON technology and “Through Tone Technology.”

Project Highlights

Material and Design

Our team transformed a 20mm Cendre Unistone slab into a centrepiece for the client’s space. With a single chamfer edge profile, the countertop exudes a sense of sophistication, seamlessly complementing any interior design aesthetic.

Upstands and Splashback

We introduced 100mm upstands, framing the countertops attractively while providing practical functionality. The 20mm splashback further enhances this protective element, maintaining the space’s consistent and elegant design language.

Sink and Hob Cutouts

One of our project’s unique features was the precision-cut, polished sink cutout, integrating the sink flawlessly into the countertop. We also expertly fabricated a hob cutout, ensuring the seamless inclusion of the cooking range for an uninterrupted cooking experience.

Drainage Grooves

We incorporated a set of drainage grooves into the design for added functionality. These practical additions enhance the overall aesthetic, subtly elevating the space’s look and feel.

The MGD Approach

We approached this project with our trademark enthusiasm and dedication, ensuring the supplied Cendre Unistone met the client’s exact specifications. The precision in our meticulous fabrication process is evident in the single chamfer edge profile, upstands, splashback, and sink and hob cutouts.


This project is a testament to our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and meticulous attention to detail at MGD. We’re incredibly proud to have helped our client realize their vision and eager to continue delivering exemplary projects.

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