Marble & Granite Designs exquisitely finishes a hand-painted cream kitchen with Coral Gold 30mm worktop and 10cm upstand on this feature kitchen unit.

We recently completed an exquisite installation of Coral Gold granite worktops and upstands, adding a touch of elegance to a beautiful hand-painted cream kitchen. The project included using a 30mm polished Coral Gold slab with single chamfer edge detailing.

Our team’s expert templating and installation skills ensured a seamless and professional result, transforming the space into a functional and stunning kitchen.

Project Overview:

The Coral Gold granite, quarried in India, features a dramatic gold and black pattern with medium variation, highlighted by light cream and white flecks. This versatile stone suits various applications, including countertops, mosaic work, fountains, and pool and wall capping. The polished slab used in this project perfectly showcased the unique qualities of this striking granite.

The 30mm kitchen worktop and upstand installation included single chamfer edge detailing, adding a refined touch to the feature unit. This edge profile is known for its clean and minimalist appearance, accentuating the natural beauty of the Coral Gold granite. The hand-painted cream kitchen provided a warm and inviting backdrop, allowing the worktops to take centre stage.

Coral Gold Granite Photo gallery

Installation Process:

The Marble & Granite Designs team began the project with a meticulous templating process to ensure a perfect fit for the Coral Gold worktops and upstands. Our experienced craftsmen took precise kitchen layout measurements, accounting for any unique features or angles in the space. This attention to detail ensured a seamless installation and flawless final result.

Once we finished templating, our team precision cut and polished the Coral Gold granite slabs to the exact specifications and carefully crafted the single chamfer edge detailing to highlight the elegance of the stone and complement the overall design of the kitchen.

The installation process was executed with precision and care, as our team worked diligently to secure the worktops and upstands in place. The final result was a breathtaking feature unit that elevated the aesthetic of the hand-painted cream kitchen.


This Coral Gold granite installation showcases Marble & Granite Designs’ commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service. The 30mm worktops and upstands, paired with single chamfer edge detailing, added sophistication and style to the hand-painted cream kitchen. The durable and attractive Coral Gold granite will stand up to daily use while maintaining its stunning appearance for years.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel or want to upgrade your countertops, Coral Gold granite is an outstanding choice. Contact Marble & Granite Designs today to discuss your project and discover how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.