Explore our recent installation of Pretoria Granite worktops in a bespoke kitchen makeover project. With single chamfer edge profiles, 100mm upstands, and custom drainage grooves, our fitting team delivered exceptional results in a challenging space. Discover the beauty of this golden-brown granite with cream, white, and black fragments and veins, and learn more about its origin and petrographic classification. Whether you’re a homeowner or a design professional, this post provides valuable insights into the world of natural stone worktops.

The Pretoria Granite project was a stunning addition to our portfolio, featuring a unique and hand-selected granite with a golden-brown base and striking black, cream, and white fragments and veins. The granite was sourced from South Africa and classified as a metamorphic rock with a foliated gneiss structure.

Our team worked diligently to create a bespoke kitchen worktop and utility room makeover using 30mm thick Pretoria Granite. The result was a stunning and durable surface with a heterogeneous structure and beautiful black-yellowish veins.

We take pride in sourcing the highest quality materials for our projects, and Pretoria Granite was no exception. Our team worked with precision and care to ensure that the finished product met our high standards and exceeded our client’s expectations.

Overall, the Pretoria Granite project showcases our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, and we are proud to add it to our portfolio of successful projects.

Pretoria granite worktops

Creating the Pretoria Granite Kitchen

The installation process for this twin-room Pretoria countertops project was a great success, thanks to the expertise and attention to detail of our fitting team. We began with a full template of the space, ensuring that every aspect of the design was taken into account. This allowed us to create a precise and accurate cutting plan for the granite, ensuring a perfect fit.

The single chamfer edge profiles were expertly crafted by our team, giving the countertops a sleek and modern look. The 100mm upstands were also carefully installed, providing a clean and functional finish to the project.

One of the key features of this installation was the Belfast sink cutout with drainage grooves, which was completed with precision and accuracy by our team. In the kitchen, an unpolished sink cutout was also installed, providing a unique and rustic touch to the design.

Despite the challenging space, our team went above and beyond to ensure that the installation was a success. The end result was a beautiful and functional space that exceeded the expectations of our customers.

More about Pretoria Granite

In addition to its beautiful and interesting surface, Pretoria Granite is known for its durability and resistance to scratches and heat, making it an excellent choice for high-use kitchen surfaces. The unique combination of colours and patterns in the stone can also add character and a sense of luxury to any kitchen design.

With proper care and maintenance, Pretoria Granite worktops can last for many years, making them a sound investment for any home. Additionally, since each piece of granite is unique, no two countertops will be exactly alike, providing a truly one-of-a-kind look for your kitchen.

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At Marble & Granite Designs, we have a wide selection of yellow and gold granite options for your kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, and other home projects. If you love the look of Pretoria granite, you may also be interested in exploring our Yellow and Gold Granite Collection, which includes stunning options like Ivory Fantasy, Colonial Gold, and more.

These natural stones boast unique patterns and colours that can add warmth and depth to any space. Our team of experts can help you select the perfect granite for your project and provide professional installation services to ensure a flawless finished result. Contact us today to learn more and start your granite design journey!