Spectacular Refurbishment at Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn: A Marriage of Elegance and Durability

A pro-shot photograph of Arora Group's Crowne Plaza Hotel in Heathrow at dusk. We provided the marble and granite for the hotel's interiors and this project describes how that went.


  • Client: The Arora Group, Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn at Heathrow Terminal 4.
  • Objective: Enhancing hotel spaces’ aesthetic appeal and functionality to provide an upmarket and inviting ambience.
  • Materials Used: A blend of Crema Unimarble, Antique Brown, and River White granite.
  • Applications: Fabrication and installation of bathroom vanities, door thresholds, case goods, luggage racks, dresser countertops, and bedside boxes.
  • Techniques: The mitring method provides a seamless look with minimal visible joint lines.
  • Outcome: Over 250 tonnes of stone was used to significantly elevate the aesthetic and functional appeal of the hotel, aligning with the premium branding.
  • Feedback: Overwhelmingly positive from the client and hotel guests, setting a high standard for future refurbishments within the Heathrow Airport complex.


Situated at the heart of Heathrow Terminal 4, the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn is a place of refined aesthetics and uncompromising functionality. This project, commissioned by The Arora Group, aimed to lift the visual appeal and enhance the guest experience at the hotel, making it a haven of luxury amid the bustling airport complex.

The primary objective was to create an inviting and upmarket ambience that resonates with the high standards of both the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn brands. Our mission was to select, fabricate, and install surfaces that stand the test of time and provide a sense of sophistication and warmth to every guest stepping into the hotel.

As specialists in stone craftsmanship, we took on the challenge with enthusiasm and a clear vision. The choice of materials was pivotal in realising the desired ambience; hence, a mix of durable and aesthetically pleasing marble and granite was chosen for various surfaces within the hotel.

With over 250 tonnes of stone used in various applications ranging from vanity tops to floor tiles, this refurbishment project was a colossal endeavour. The result is a spectacular fusion of elegance and durability that significantly enhances the customer experience in line with the hotel’s premium branding.

With the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn at Heathrow Terminal 4 boasting a fresh, sophisticated look, we invite you to explore the project in more detail.

One of the bathroom worktops (vanities) we installed into the Crowne Plaza bathrooms for our client.

Material Selection:

The heart of any refurbishment project lies in the choice of materials. A desire for elegance and practicality drove the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn project selection at Heathrow Terminal 4. The discerning team at The Arora Group, alongside our experienced advisors, settled on a blend of marble and granite – materials renowned for their durability, natural beauty, and timeless appeal.

The types of marble and granite selected were as crucial as the decision to use these materials. Crema Unimarble, Antique Brown granite, and River White granite were the chosen varieties, each bringing a unique colour palette and textural grace to the spaces they adorn. The Crema Unimarble, with its soft beige tones, exudes a warm, inviting aura, while Antique Brown and River White introduce a contrast, adding depth and a touch of modern elegance to the hotel’s interior spaces.

Speaking about material choices, our MD Jason Jones said,

“These colours that our client has chosen are a great option, adding beauty and simplicity and practicality. The colours enable each room to have its own unique appeal, since each surface is cut from natural stone slabs that never repeat.”

This sentiment underscored the aim to provide each room with a distinct personality while maintaining a harmonious, upscale ambience throughout the hotel.

The choice of these premium materials was about aesthetic appeal, quality, and longevity. Marble and granite are known for their resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the hotel’s luxurious finish remains intact for many years.

The natural stone’s ability to maintain its lustre and withstand daily use makes it a practical choice for a high-traffic environment such as a hotel within a bustling airport terminal. This meticulous material selection process laid the groundwork for the remarkable transformation that followed, setting a tone of sophistication and quality that resonates through every corner of the refurbished hotel.

The bedroom sidetables that we installed River White Granite onto for our client

Fabrication and Installation:

With the exquisite materials chosen, the journey towards transforming the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn’s interior spaces commenced. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously fabricated the marble and granite surfaces, ensuring every piece was cut to fit the designated areas perfectly.

One of the highlights of the fabrication process was the mitring technique used on the vanities to achieve a clean, crisp, and seamless look with minimal visible joint lines. This technique demands high expertise and precision to ensure the angles are cut perfectly, allowing for a snug fit and a flawless finish. The result was a set of beautifully crafted bathroom vanities that serve their functional purpose and add a touch of elegance to the bathrooms.

The installation phase was equally critical. Our team collaborated closely with the client and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth installation process. The well-coordinated effort ensured that each marble and granite was installed correctly, adhering to the project’s high-quality standards and timeline. This phase saw the transformation of the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn’s bedrooms and bathrooms, with the beautiful Crema Unimarble and Natural Granite Antique Brown surfaces becoming integral to the room’s aesthetics.

The additional surfaces on door thresholds, case goods, luggage racks, dresser countertops, and bedside boxes in the bedrooms were done with a keen eye for detail. Every installation was carried out carefully to ensure consistent quality, aesthetics, and functionality across all rooms.

The success of the fabrication and installation is a testament to the expertise, dedication, and collaborative effort that drove the project towards completion. It was a phase that saw the vision of an inviting and upmarket look for the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn at Heathrow Terminal 4 start to materialise, setting a solid foundation for the remarkable finish that now delights every guest who steps into the hotel.

Crowne Plaza Guest Room Granite Worktops pictures with coffee pods and kettle.

Applications and Finishing:

Applying marble and granite in various areas within the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn was decisive in achieving an upmarket and inviting atmosphere. These high-quality materials found their way into multiple applications, each meticulously crafted to serve aesthetics and function.

The vanity tops, door thresholds, bath panels and shower plinths were crafted from our carefully selected natural stone materials in the bathrooms. With their mitred edges, the vanities presented a sleek, modern look while offering a durable daily-use solution. The blend of Crema Unimarble and Natural Granite Antique Brown brought a sense of luxury and a warm, welcoming feel to these often under-looked spaces.

In the bedrooms, the journey of elegance continued with the application of marble and granite on case goods, luggage racks, dresser countertops, and bedside boxes. The varieties of the River White granite (Plaza) and Crema Unimarble (Holiday Inn) gave each space unique beauty. The crafted stone surfaces gave a durable, aesthetically pleasing solution, in tune with the hotel’s sophisticated ambience.

The detailed finishing on each stone surface was a key contributor to the overall look. The polished surfaces reflected light softly, creating a bright, airy, inviting, and comforting atmosphere. Every edge was polished to perfection, ensuring a smooth transition between characters and contributing to the seamless, luxurious feel of the rooms.

The project’s success was in applying these exquisite materials and the meticulous finishing that ensured every room exuded elegance and sophistication. The final look is one of timeless elegance, a serene retreat amid the bustling environment of Heathrow Terminal 4.

The Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn now stands as a hallmark of quality, with every room offering a unique yet harmonious experience, thanks to the careful application and finishing of these durable, beautiful stone surfaces.

Bathroom Worktops in Antique Brown Granite for Crowne Plaza Hotel

Project Completion and Impact:

Completing the Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn refurbishment project marked a significant milestone. Over 250 tonnes of stone were meticulously crafted and installed, achieving a remarkable transformation that now graces the terminal with sophistication and elegance.

The impact of this extensive refurbishment is palpable. Guests entering the hotel are greeted with modernity and timeless elegance through carefully selected and expertly installed marble and granite surfaces. The hotel’s new look significantly elevates the guest experience, aligning seamlessly with the premium branding for which the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn are renowned.

Feedback from both the client and hotel guests has been overwhelmingly positive. The exquisite stone surfaces have met and exceeded expectations, providing a luxurious yet comforting ambience. Thanks to the natural stone slabs’ varying textures and hues, each room’s unique appeal has been particularly appreciated, adding a personalised touch to the guest experience.

Moreover, the project’s success has set a high standard for future refurbishments within the Heathrow Airport complex. It’s a testament to what collaborative efforts, a clear vision and high-quality materials can achieve in transforming spaces.

The Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn refurbishment project is more than just a showcase of our craftsmanship and the beauty of natural stone. It’s a narrative of how a well-executed vision can significantly enhance hospitality spaces’ aesthetic appeal and functionality, contributing to the broader goal of delivering exceptional guest experiences.