Now Bronze approved fabricators of Silestone!

bronze approved

We are now proud to announce that we are now officially approved fabricators of Silestone.

Silestone is the leader and specialist in all types of quartz surfaces and worktops for kitchens and bathrooms.

Silestone is the only brand that offers a certified warranty, in writing. Only a global leader, one which is the largest producer of quartz surfaces, could once again draw ahead of the pack and offer a genuine 25-year warranty for Silestone.

Our experts will not only help you to buy your worktop and decide which colour suits you best, but will also advise you about other spaces where you can put Silestone, its maintenance and how to register the warranty for your worktop.

Silestone Quartz Worktops and More

Silestone has become the perfect option for quartz worktops over and above other traditional materials such as granite or natural stone

This is mainly because of its aesthetic appeal and durability. In recent years, it has become the preferred option for the kitchen countertop due to its aesthetic appeal, long-lasting quality, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance. There are many benefits of using Silestone as a kitchen countertop but it’s not limited to solely this purpose.

Silestone is a type of engineered quartz that is commonly used as an internal cladding material, ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops and kitchen splashbacks. It is a mixture of natural quartz, resins, and other materials that is formed into slabs, tiles, and other shapes by pouring it into moulds.

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