Granite with white background and small accumulations located in black and reddish tones.


Cosmic Black

Polished black granite of Brazilian origin with gold and white veining throughout.


Crema Julia

Crema Julia is a cream granite from Levantina with black and white contrasting crystals throughout.



Feratto is a brown granite of Brazilian origin from Levantina.

Giallo Ornamental is a golden granite with contrasting dark and light veins and flecks throughout.


Glacial Blue

With dark areas and crystalline areas, its light-dark contrast will not allow you to look away for a second of this unique piece and its unparalleled beauty.

Polished brown granite of Brazilian origin from Beltrami.

Polished white granite from Beltrami of Brazilian origin.


Ice Blue

Brazilian granite with a polished texture. It boasts a striking white background, which is difficult to find in this kind of material.


Indian Black

Granite with dark and intense tones throughout.

Polished cream granite of Indian origin.


Jet Black

Polished black granite from Beltrami of Indian origin.

Polished red granite from Beltrami of Brazilian origin


Kashmir Gold

Polished gold granite from Beltrami of Indian origin.

Brown granite from Beltrami of Norwegian origin.



Lennon is a white, blue and grey granite from Levantina.

Polished grey granite with black, brown, cream and shiny silver flecks throughout.


Moak Black

High-quality, deep-black granite that comes straight from India, with a spectacular matt finish that emanates the essence of natural stone.

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