Granite worktops are ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, living and dining rooms. When it comes to food preparation, granite kitchen worktops are the ideal solution for those seeking a versatile, uniquely beautiful and naturally hard-wearing option.

Granite is a fantastic option for busy kitchens because it is stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean. A granite kitchen worktop is a fantastic choice if you want to use your kitchen as a splash zone. Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, making it extremely durable.

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Absolute Black Polished is a black granite of Indian origin with a deep, lustrous finish.

Autumn Cream is a cream granite from Beltrami of Indian origin.

Azul Noche is a black and white granite from Beltrami of Spanish origin.

Azul Platino is a polished blue granite of Spanish origin from Beltrami with cream and brown variations throughout.

Polished brown granite of Finnish origin from Beltrami with varying hues from light to dark brown.

Barocco is a black granite from Levantina with cream and brown veins throughout.

This Indian granite with a black base is full of white streaks that resemble the foam of the waves in an indomitable ocean

Polished black granite worktop from Beltrami of Indian origin.

Polished black granite of Indian origin from Beltrami.

White, grey and cream granite from Levantina.

Polished blue granite from Beltrami of Norweigian origin.

Polished, crystalline brown granite

Cheyenne is a black granite from Levantina of Brazilian origin.

Polished brown granite of Indian origin from Beltrami.

Polished gold granite from Beltrami of Indian origin.

Granite with white background and small accumulations located in black and reddish tones.

Polished black granite of Brazilian origin with gold and white veining throughout.

Crema Julia is a cream granite from Levantina with black and white contrasting crystals throughout.

With dark areas and crystalline areas, its light-dark contrast will not allow you to look away for a second of this unique piece and its unparalleled beauty.

Polished brown granite of Brazilian origin from Beltrami.

Himalayan White is a polished white granite from Beltrami of Brazilian origin with contrasting black and grey specks and veins throughout.

Brazilian granite with a polished texture. It boasts a striking white background, which is difficult to find in this kind of material.

Granite with dark and intense tones throughout.

Polished cream granite of Indian origin.

Jet Black is a polished black granite from Beltrami of Indian origin.

Kashmir Gold is a polished gold granite from Beltrami of Indian origin with grey veining and dark & light flecks throughout.

Brown granite from Beltrami of Norwegian origin.

Lennon is a white, blue and grey granite from Levantina.

Polished grey granite with black, brown, cream and shiny silver flecks throughout.

High-quality, deep-black granite that comes straight from India, with a spectacular matt finish that emanates the essence of natural stone.

Granite worktops are made from natural granite which is an igneous rock of great beauty. It is a very durable and stain resistant stone due to its dense nonporous consistency, making it an excellent selection for those areas where food preparation and cutting take place.

It is most commonly used for kitchen countertops and exterior surfaces. Granite worktops have a great resistance to abrasions and are easy to maintain.

Granite worktops have great resistance to abrasions and are easy to maintain. They are highly stain-resistant (with sealing) and naturally heat-resistant, (although not suitable for open flame) so they are ideal for use in kitchens.

Granite worktops are available in a range of colours, which means you can match them to your decor. They are an investment, but they are long-lasting and worth the money.

Granite worksurfaces are a favourite among cooks thanks to their ability to resist stains and heat. If you’re looking for a stylish and practical kitchen worktop, then a granite work surface could be the perfect option.

Granite is a natural stone, which means no two pieces will look exactly the same. It also means that it is porous and needs to be maintained. It can be cleaned with a sponge and water but must be sealed regularly (once or twice a year) to extend its lifespan.

Granite worktops are also a favourite among bakers because it's a naturally cold surface to work on, which makes pastry-making an absolute breeze.

We stock a wide range of granite worktops on our website and have access to thousands more items through our contacts on the stone market. If you're looking for a piece of granite for a kitchen worktop, get a quote from any of our granite worktops above, or drop us an email to see if we can find the particular type of granite you're looking for.