White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite

Alaska White Granite (WHITE ICE)

White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


Pink & Purple Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


White and Grey Granite


About Levantina

Levantina is a international company with Spanish origins and a world leader in the Natural Stone Industry. Since it was founded in 1959, the company has grown continuously and undergone significant international expansion, becoming a benchmark for quality in the Natural Stone market and also contributing to innovation and technology within the sector.

Levantina has an extensive global presence with its own quarries, factories, distribution centers and almost 1,500 employees worldwide. The company directly owns and operates numerous own quarries, including the largest marble quarry in the world, the El Coto Crema Marfil quarry in the province of Alicante. The company has seven strategically located modern factories using the most advanced technology.

Levantina Materials

Crema Marfil Coto

Crema Marfil Coto marble from LevantinaÔÇÖs El Coto quarry in Spain is internationally recognized as the best cream marble. Levantina, as the largest producer of Crema Marfil Coto, can offer the highest quality material in quantities no other supplier can match. Its chromatic richness, excellent finish, unbeatable physical qualities and resistance to impact, combined with a low coefficient of water absorption, make it the preferred option for all architects and interior designers when choosing cream marble.

The surface of this Crema Marfil Coto allows for any type of finish, including polished which is particularly suitable for internal use due to the light it creates in a room. Honed and aged finishes are the best choices for exteriors.

Levantina Marble

The rich colours and veining of marble give the finished product a unique and distinctive look. It is a metamorphosed rock of outstanding quality with a wide range of colours. The different finishes and textures of Levantina’s marble collection make it an ideal solution for multiple environments such as bathroom countertops, floors and showers/baths.

Levantina Granite

Granite is an igneous rock of great beauty. Its dense, non-porous consistency make it very durable and resistant to staining and so an excellent choice for food preparation areas. It is most commonly used for kitchen countertops and exterior surfaces. Granite has a high resistance to abrasion and is totally recyclable, organic and easy to maintain.

Levantina has a unique selection of granites from all over the world. Our granite collection cannot be beaten by any other company due to the wide choice of colours and our access to exotic granites. Levantina products are ideal for different applications and trends in architecture and interior design, ranging from walls and floors to revolutionizing the world of granite countertops.

Levantina offers a choice of finishes including traditional polished, exclusive satin and river-washed.

NATURAMIA Collection

NATURAMIA Collection selects the most exclusive Natural Stone products to create sophisticated environments in line with the latest trends in interior design and decoration. Each slab is exclusive, unique and original and it has been carefully selected and treated with the latest technology. As a result, these materials are the most resistant Natural Stone products on the market.

Levantina Travertine

Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed millions of years ago principally from calcium carbonate. The earliest examples of this Natural Stone are found in Ancient Rome where the monuments and churches constructed with travertine have with stood the test of time and still maintain their elegance and beauty. Today, travertine is widely used in workplaces and residential areas due to its suitability for floors and coverings. It is also increasingly popular in bathrooms and living areas. Levantina sells the highest quality and most beautiful travertine stone.

Levantina Limestone

Limestones are sedimentary rocks that take on a variety of colours. They exhibit a high resistance to fire and excellent anti-slip properties. Thanks to the physical-mechanical characteristics that nature itself has bestowed on them, they may also be used for both interiors and exteriors.

Levantina Slate

Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay and volcanic ash with a minimum coefficient of absorption and hence a high degree of impermeability, so making it the ideal choice for use on roofs and exterior coverings. Levantina offers a wide range of brushed slates with an anti-stain treatment that gives the material added protection. Levantina slate is capable of transmitting an unmistakably individual feel. It is extremely versatile and is highly valued in modern design for both exterior and interior use.

Levantina Techlam

Levantina is the pioneering company which manufactures this ground-breaking ceramic product. TECHLAM is only 3 mm thick, weighs 7.1 kg/m2 and is available in panels of up to 1 x 3 meters. It provides architects and interior designers with an infinite number of possibilities, thanks to its range of sizes and colours, durability, hygiene and ease of installation. TECHLAM can be used in different applications: wall covering and cladding, flooring and paving, countertops, fittings and ventilated facades.

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