Diresco Quartz - UV protection

Diresco Quartz

Diresco is a unique mix of quartz granules, resins and colour pigments brought perfectly into balance to create a stunning, hard-wearing, sustainable product that’s UV resistant, meaning it won’t fade in the sun.

Diresco has bonded these natural ingredients via a unique scientific production process; one that the company has perfected over the years. Their exhaustive research efforts have resulted in an incredibly strong material that is comparable to diamond.

Diresco properties

  • Impermeable and stain-resistant
    Cook (and spill) to your heart’s content on your Diresco worktop as quartz composite is stain-resistant.
  • Scratch and wear-resistant
    Diresco worktops will not wear out or dull over time.
  • Indoor and outdoor UV protection
    Over time, many worktops fade in sunlight. Taking you from an expensive to unsightly worktop in a matter of years.
  • Maintenance-friendly surfaces

Ecological features

D-Quartz is unique as they use BIO resins containing plant-based ingredients. Whatever colour of quartz composite you choose, rest assured your Diresco quartz worktop will be ‘green’.

Resistant to UV rays

Great news for outdoor kitchen enthusiasts: It can match any design brief and can guarantee it won’t fade in UV rays thanks to the innovative D-Quartz UV Technology. Making the product range eminently suitable for outdoor applications. How about a fixed built-in BBQ and a bespoke worktop in your back garden? Diresco’s expertise makes that possible.

UV-Resistant Quartz

Those looking for a bespoke outdoor kitchen undoubtedly already have a dream design in mind. Perhaps a bang-on trend marble look, a classic dark natural stone or a surface that glistens in the sunlight …but have you thought about the UV-resistance (and in turn the aesthetic sustainability) of your chosen material? Our researchers have done so for you, by developing D-Quartz featuring pioneering BIO-UV Technology.

Perfect for outdoor use

Great news for outdoor kitchen enthusiasts: Diresco can match any design brief and thanks to the innovative D-Quartz UV Technology, it is much more resistant to UV rays and warranted for outdoor use. Making our product range eminently suitable for American-style outdoor kitchens. How about a fixed built-in BBQ and a bespoke worktop in your back garden? Our expertise makes that possible.

From composite flooring to façade cladding

Given that this innovative feature is already incorporated in our composite, all our indoor products boast this added UV protection bonus too: floors, stairs, wall tiles …. All are technologically better resistant to UV rays.  Moreover, BIO-UV yields extra versatility in the Diresco product range. Take for example the possibility of façade cladding with D-Quartz composite.

Great range of colours

The Diresco colour spectrum is as extensive as its pattern selection. Belgian Blue and the marbled Noblesse – developed by Belgian product designers – are the classics.

The trendy Terrazzo design is also hugely popular. Not simply because it looks fantastic but also due to the unique production it undergoes: the coloured specks in the Terrazzo range actually derive from recycled quartz composite sheets from our in-house production process.

The extensive colour spectrum of D-Quartz composite means there is something for every (outdoor) kitchen, and every floor, wall, stair or façade application.

Which product line is making your eyes sparkle like quartz crystals? It’s time to delve into colour!

Diresco Worktops

Pure White

Diresco Worktops

Noblesse White

Diresco Worktops

Beach Iceberg

Diresco Worktops

Beach White

Diresco Worktops

Venato Supremo

Brown Quartz

Belgian Earth

Blue Quartz

Belgian Blue