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The Stone materials we use at MGD

Natural & Engineered Surfaces for Interior & Exterior Applications.

Discover the natural & engineered stone materials we use, that make the magic at MGD.

Types of stone we work with

We believe that the materials we use are just as important as the designs themselves. That’s why we only use the finest natural and engineered stone surfaces from sources and suppliers around the world.

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Explore our Stone Colours at MGD

We understand that colour plays a pivotal role in bringing your vision to life. That’s why we offer an extensive palette of natural and engineered stone materials, each with its own unique hues and patterns. Browse through our stone material selections below and click ‘View All’ to explore the full spectrum for each material.

Explore Marble Colours

Marble is synonymous with luxury and timeless beauty. In our Marble store, you’ll find a range of hues from the classic whites and greys to more exotic shades. Each colour tells a story, waiting to be a part of your next design project. Click ‘View All’ to discover the full marble palette.

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Explore Granite Colours

Granite offers not just durability but also a rich array of colours that can elevate any space. Our Granite selection showcases the material’s natural diversity, from earthy browns to vibrant blues. Click ‘View All’ to delve into the complete granite colour spectrum.

White and Grey Granite

Alaska Beige Granite

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Explore Quartz Colours

Quartz combines the best of natural stone and engineering, offering a wide array of colours with consistent quality. In our quartz store, discover shades that range from subtle to striking, all with unmatched durability. Click ‘View All’ to see all the quartz colours we offer.

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Explore Porcelain Colours

Porcelain is the epitome of modern elegance. Our porcelain store features a selection of colours that are as durable as they are stylish, perfect for contemporary spaces. Click ‘View All’ to explore the full range of porcelain hues available from MGD.

Caesarstone Porcelain

540 Monumental

Caesarstone Porcelain

516 Locura

Caesarstone Porcelain

531 Libretta

Caesarstone Porcelain

580 Fume

View all | Porcelain

Explore Dekton Colours

Dekton is where innovation meets aesthetics. In our Dekton surfaces store, you’ll find a variety of shades that are as resilient as they are beautiful, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Click ‘View All’ to see the full Dekton colour range.

Dekton Colours

Dekton Salina

Dekton Colours

GK07 Ceppo

Dekton Colours

TK06 Marmorio

Dekton Colours

TK05 Sabbia

View all | Dekton

Explore Neolith Colours

Neolith brings the future of stone design into the present. Our Neolith surfaces store offers a curated selection of modern shades that are both sleek and durable, ideal for cutting-edge designs. Click ‘View All’ to discover all the Neolith colours we offer.

Brown Neolith

Winter Dala

Grey Neolith


Brown Neolith

Summer Dala

White Neolith


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