HybriQ and HybriQ+ Powers The New Generation of Silestone Surfaces

The sustainable way to manufacture quartz slabs 

HybriQ® is a patented technology owned by Cosentino for the manufacture of Silestone®.

A revolutionary collection of advanced surfaces made from a hybrid composition: a high-performance mixture of premium minerals, quartz, and recycled materials created through a sustainable manufacturing process, fully powered by recycled water and renewable energy.

With this new, sustainable way to manufacture quartz slabs, the Silestone quality and beauty are both enhanced by the new process.

Silestone Hybriq+ concept image showing different layers that go into the making of a piece of quartz.
  • 100% recycled water
  • 99% renewable electric energy
  • 0% water spill
  • Minimum 20% of recycled glass

→ DNV accreditation; All the claims we make about the sustainability and performance of Silestone with HybriQ and HybriQ+ have been verified through this prestigious external international laboratory.

More innovation

Cosentino®’s commitment to offering the most innovative and sustainable surfaces leads Silestone® to exceptional performance and amazing depth of colour.

More design

The new mineral composition makes possible greater depth in the colour, textures and tones of Silestone® to create unique and customised interior spaces.

Same benefits

Silestone® with HybriQ+ maintains all the characteristics of quality, durability and warranty that have made Silestone® the market reference in its category.

More sustainable

HybriQ+ uses a minimum of 20% recycled materials, 100% recycled water and 99% renewable energy. Silestone® is the meeting between innovation and sustainability.

HybriQ and HybriQ+® Technology are registered trademarks, owned by Cosentino S.A.U.
HybriQ and HybriQ+® incorporate patented or patent-pending technologies.

HybriQ and HybriQ+ Powers The Latest Silestone Colours

Silestone colours are available in a range of different options depending on the choice of colour, including:

Standard format (up to 306 cm x 140 cm). Jumbo standard (up to 327 cm x 159 cm). Available in Polished finish. Available in Suede finish. Available in Volcano finish. With N-BOOST technology. (check listings for details)

What is HybriQ?

Technology applied to Silestone® which limits the use of crystalline silica to a maximum of 50%.

What is HybriQ+?

Technology applied to Silestone® which limits the use of crystalline silica to a maximum of 50% and at least 20% recycled material.

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