Terminal 4 Holiday inn Express and Crowne Plaza

Terminal 4 was a breathtaking hotel with it being 750 rooms, we have installed, Brown Antique and River White. Below is a couple of videos of the hotel.


Terminal two, Hilton Heathrow.

After taking part in one of the biggest hotels exceeding 750 rooms, we have transitioned to Terminal 2 The Hilton. Terminal 2 is nearly complete following a very successful build and successful installation of all the granite, in this hotel the granite choice this hotel was again the beauty of Brown Antique Granite with all the luggage racks being in River White Granite.

Below is a short walk around of the Hilton Hotel at Terminal 2.

Savill Court Spa and Hotel.

From the hotels in Heathrow we have moved 7.3 Miles down the road to Windsor at Savill Court Spa and Hotel. This Hotel will consist of 250 rooms its destination within Windsor is a big attraction only being 4.7 miles from the Royal Windsor Castle.




Above is a short video of what this prestigious hotel is going to be looking like.



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