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Transform Your Kitchen with Stunning Granite Worktops

Explore the beauty and durability of granite worktops with our helpful guide on maintenance, customisations, applications and care tips to get the most out of your investment.

Granite worktops are a popular choice for kitchens due to their unmatched beauty, durability, and heat resistance. They’re made from natural stone that’s formed over millions of years, and each slab of Granite is unique, with its own patterns, colours, and characteristics.

No two Granite worktops are alike, making them a one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen.

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Benefits of Granite Worktops:

Granite worktops are incredibly durable, heat-resistant, and require very little maintenance. They’re also scratch-resistant and won’t stain easily, making them an excellent choice for families and frequent entertainers. Plus, they add a touch of luxury to any kitchen.

  • Durability: They’re hard-wearing and withstand heavy use and traffic. They’re resistant to scratches, chips, and stains, making them an ideal choice for families and those who frequently entertain guests.
  • Uniqueness: Each slab is unique, with its patterns, colours, and characteristics. No two Granite worktops are alike, making them a one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen.
  • Beauty: They’re known for their unmatched beauty and elegance. They’re available in various colours and patterns, from classic black and white to more unique options like blue and green, allowing them to complement any kitchen design.
  • Value: Granite worktops add aesthetic value to any home and can increase its resale value. They’re a timeless investment that will stand the test of time and continue to look beautiful for years to come.
  • Low maintenance: Whilst sealing them every 6-12 months is recommended, they’re relatively low-maintenance. They only need to be cleaned with mild soap and water, making them an easy choice for busy homeowners.
  • Heat-resistant: Although heat-resistant, it is still recommended to use a trivet or heat pad to protect their surface from hot pots and pans. This will help prevent any potential damage to the worktops.


Granite Colours:

We offer a wide range of granite worktop colours, including classic black and white granite worktops, as well as more unique options such as grey granite worktops. Each colour has its own unique beauty and characteristics that can complement any kitchen design. Browse our selection and find the perfect Granite worktop for your kitchen.

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Granite as a Material:

Granite is a natural stone used for centuries due to its strength and durability. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications, including flooring, walls, and worktops.

Learn more about Granite as a material on our granite stone profile page.

Granite Worktops Colours Guide

Granite Worktop Types:

We offer a wide range of Granite worktops, including white Granite worktops, black Granite worktops, and Granite effect worktops.

Our team can help you choose the perfect Granite worktop for your kitchen based on your style and needs.

Kitchen Design Inspiration:

Looking for kitchen design inspiration? Check out our stunning gallery of kitchen designs featuring Granite worktops.

From classic to modern, our projects showcase the versatility and beauty of Granite worktops.

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Customer Reviews:

Our customers love their Granite worktops! Check out our customer reviews and testimonials to see why they chose us for their Granite worktop needs. We take pride in our work and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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    Olawvmi Olawvyi Avatar Olawvmi Olawvyi
    18th May 2022

    Top job from start to finish. Great price, easy ordering, quick installation, fantastic product. One of the best purchases of 2021, and no messing about!

    Richard Waldron Avatar Richard Waldron
    15th January 2022

    Would just like to say a massive thank you to Amy in the office and the guys in the workshop. Went above & beyond to supply us with a lovely Granite piece for our home bar. Would not hesitate to use Marble & Granite again. Mathew (Abergavenny).

    Tomath Welsh Cobs Avatar Tomath Welsh Cobs
    4th August 2021

    Brilliant service and customer focus from this company. In particular from Amy who deserves special mention. I throughly recommend them for competitive pricing and keeping us informed throughout the process. Excellent

    Martin Fitzgibbon Avatar Martin Fitzgibbon
    20th July 2021

    Always a pleasure to deal with Jason and his guys they are the best at what they do Highly recommend them

    Richie Wjp Avatar Richie Wjp
    8th November 2017
  • Sue Legge Avatar Sue Legge
    8th November 2017

    Fantastic company, great products, excellent customer service, highly recommended! Thanks so much for our lovely kitchen i truly loved it!! �

    Gisela Bufton Avatar Gisela Bufton
    17th October 2017

    Ruth Ensor Avatar Ruth Ensor
    21st June 2017

    So pleased with the copper black granite and centre island you did for us last week, i'm still in awe of it, thank you so much!!!

    Karen Evans Avatar Karen Evans
    23rd March 2017

    What a great professional company very helpful when visiting there show room with the customer, Made so much effort to give the customer what they wanted Very quick turnaround and installation fitters certainly know wot there doing. Will definitely recommend and I will use for future projects. Well done marble and granite keep up the hard work Carl @ taskjoinery

    Lofty Carpenter Avatar Lofty Carpenter
    9th February 2017
  • Excellent job on our kitchen units, good guys with really good communication.

    Joshua Mecke Avatar Joshua Mecke
    11th January 2017

    Sean Arrowsmith Avatar Sean Arrowsmith
    11th January 2017

    very pleased with granite worktops, excellent service from all involved, highly recommend

    Janis Jones Avatar Janis Jones
    30th December 2016

    Incredible first class service of the highest quality, amazing friendly staff Highly recommend.

    Stacy Walker Avatar Stacy Walker
    10th November 2016

    Muhammad Rizwan Avatar Muhammad Rizwan
    12th September 2016
  • Ana Teixeira Avatar Ana Teixeira
    1st June 2015

    The best in business!

    Americo Godinho Coxixo Avatar Americo Godinho Coxixo
    12th November 2014

    Trace Kelly Avatar Trace Kelly
    19th January 2014

    Sue Lloyd Avatar Sue Lloyd
    21st August 2013

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    20th August 2013
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    9th August 2013

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    29th July 2013

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    21st July 2013

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    29th April 2013

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    20th August 2013

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Granite worktops are a durable and timeless choice for any kitchen. With a wide range of colours and styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect Granite worktop for your home. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.