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Dekton is a modern, sintered stone surface suitable for interior or exterior use. It’s an ideal material to use in the kitchen, bathroom or living rooms in the home. You can find out more about prices, availability and delivery options by requesting a quote today.

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Dekton - versatile large format and varied thicknesses

Advantages of Dekton Worktops

Dekton worktops are incredibly strong and resistant to scratches, heat, and stains. They have a beautiful, glossy finish in some cases and a sumptious velvet finish in others. There are also several matt options available, making Dekton worktops incredibly versatile as a choice for any decor.

Dekton is very easy to clean and maintain. You can use warm water and a sponge to wipe away any messes. You can also use a microfibre cloth to buff away stubborn stains.

Dekton is a high-quality material that is used in many high-end luxury homes. It is a very durable material that lasts for many years.

Why choose Dekton worktops for your kitchen or bathroom surfaces?

High UV Resistance

Dekton worktops are highly UV light resistant meaning they resist fading under the sun’s rays and will not degrade over time. This makes them perfect for outdoor applications or in rooms with a lot of direct sunlight.

Scratch Resistant

Dekton worktops are so tough, you’ll have to protect your knives from them! Dekton reverses the trend of soft worktops getting damaged by cutting and prolongs the life of your kitchen by resisting damaging scratches. A chopping board is advised to prevent blunting utensils. It really is that tough.

Highly Stain-resistant

Dekton worktops are highly stain-resistant. They won’t stain or discolour if they’re exposed to common kitchen ingredients like tomato sauce or vinegar. It’s also non-reactive, so it won’t transfer any unwanted flavours or odours to your food.

High heat and flame resistance

Dekton worktops are highly heat-resistant, making them perfect for use in busy kitchens and restaurants. They can withstand higher temperatures than natural stone or quartz worktops, meaning they are ideal for use with hot pans and pots. This makes them suitable for almost all cooking methods, giving you the flexibility to use the kitchen how you please.

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