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Dekton Façades

Dekton facades provide excellent aesthetics. Their thickness, large dimensions, UV resistance, stain resistance, colour persistence, and thermal stability make them a practical option.

What are Dekton Façades?

Dekton Façades are sheet cladding materials that form part of a building’s envelope. Façades are vitally important in protecting structural components, improving a building’s energy efficiency, and ensuring the health of its occupants.

An existing structure can be transformed in appearance and performance by using Dekton Façades for the building envelope.

This advanced Dekton cladding material is lightweight, non-combustible, and non-metallic, which makes it an excellent choice for many architectural settings, including historical buildings. Dekton Façades offer variety, durability, and versatility, which makes them a great choice for a wide range of architectural designs.

Dekton Facades
Dekton external cladding on a building

Features of Dekton Façades

Façades made from Dekton come in different designs and colours, which gives architects a wide range of freedom in designing buildings. Besides being an excellent aesthetic addition to a building, Dekton façades are energy efficient.

They are highly effective in blocking heat transfer. Buildings with Dekton façades can reduce energy costs significantly. Façades made from Dekton are also very maintenance-friendly, as they can withstand years of exposure to the elements.

The material is highly durable and requires very little upkeep. After a decade since it was introduced to the market, Dekton continues to impress architects and homeowners with its aesthetic beauty, energy efficiency, and maintenance-friendly features.

Advantages of Dekton Façades

The rise of contemporary architecture has led to a boost in the significance of the facade. Its direct influence on structural stability, building energy efficiency, and the well-being of those residing there has become more important.

There are several advantages to using Dekton façades in modern construction projects:

  • Extremely durable and low maintenance.
  • UV and heat-resistant, making them ideal for use in harsh climates.
  • Wide range of colours and finishes, allowing for greater customisation.
  • Non-porous and stain resistant, making them easy to clean.
  • Fire resistant, making them a safer option for buildings.

Purely aesthetic values have given way to this realisation that safety and efficiency should be a vital component of cladding facades. An excellent design will address each one of these concerns, and for that, you must pick a material that can handle the job. Dekton Facades excels in every aspect.

Leonardo Tower, Dekton Facades, credit - Fernando Alda
Leonardo Tower, Dekton Facades, credit - Fernando Alda
Dekton Facades Benefits

Benefits of Dekton Façades

Selecting the right material is critical, as it contributes to the structure’s stability and energy efficiency.

There are many benefits to using Dekton Façades for your next building project. Some of the benefits include:

Increased durability

Dekton is an extremely durable material, meaning that it will withstand the elements and day-to-day wear and tear much better than other materials. This makes it an ideal choice for façades, as it will keep your building looking newer for longer.

Resistant to staining

Dekton is also resistant to staining, meaning that you won’t have to worry about dirt, grime, or other markings ruining the look of your façade.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to its durability and resistance to staining, Dekton façades are also very easy to maintain. A simple cleaning with soap and water will keep your façade looking like new.


Dekton façades can be used in a variety of applications, from cladding to siding to rain-screens. No matter what your project requires, Dekton façades can be customised to meet your needs.


Dekton is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice for your next building project and perfect for net-zero building projects.


Thanks to its durability and low maintenance requirements, Dekton façades are a cost-effective option for your next building project.

Today’s demanding applications can be accommodated with Dekton Façades’ thickness, large format, UV resistance, stain resistance, colour fastness, and ability to withstand both high and low temperatures.

Professionals have chosen Dekton, an ultra-compact material, as the skin for their buildings because of its unique combination of critical properties.

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Dekton Façade Uses

There are various types of façade configurations where Dekton Façades can play a vital role in improving the look and performance of a building’s envelope:

Ventilated Façades

The ventilated façade is a high-performance solution for building enclosures which takes advantage of mechanical anchoring elements. Through connections between the cladding material and the mechanical assembly, design loads are effectively transferred back to the structural wall, providing a safe and secure façade.

Bonded Façades

Fine aesthetics and lower maintenance are are offered by cladding that uses an adhesive fixing system or mechanical anchors. For facades fixed with glue, it is very important to select the appropriate adhesives. Mechanical tie-backs may also be used where needed.

Curtain wall Façades

Dekton panels can be used in place of glazing units in curtain wall systems where it is necessary to hide the edges of floor slabs, ceiling details, insulation, and other building elements.

The elements constantly wear and tear a building’s facade, which is constantly exposed to the elements. Through improved character that lasts, Cosentino hopes to improve on the classic stone facade. Dekton comes in a variety of colours and styles—marble, wood, and concrete, among others.

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