Cuarzo Reno – 3 Pictures of this Amazing Porcelain Kitchen Worktop Surface from Coverlam Top

kitchen in a modern style with island clad in marble-effect white porcelain

Marble-effect surfaces are all the rage at the moment thanks to their natural elegance and the beauty of the veining, which Cuarzo Reno offers in abundance.

white marble-effect kitchen island with golden brown veining.

Marble itself is impractical for kitchen worktops because of its comparative softness as a material. Porcelain however is one of the toughest kitchen worktops surfaces around and when you couple the beauty of marble with the toughness and durability of porcelain, you arrive at what is considered by many as the perfect kitchen worktop surface.

kitchen in a modern style with island clad in marble-effect white porcelain

Accordingly, Coverlam Top presents the Cuarzo Reno series, a white marble-effect porcelain kitchen worktop surface, transformed by rich tints in warm tones.

Cuarzo Reno: A Beautiful Porcelain Kitchen Worktop Surface

It comes in 1000×3000 mm format with a thickness of 10.5mm, specifically designed for kitchen worktops. The material displays a crystallisation with a greyish background, enriched by beautiful golden surface veining that evokes the oxidation caused by exposure of the material to the elements. The veining adds golden glints that give the pieces a luxurious and exclusive look.

close-up of the marble veining on a piece of Cuarzo Reno porcelain

For lovers of the marbled look, infinite veining and the high properties of Coverlam Top, the all new Cuarzo Reno series is the ideal choice, endowing rooms with elegance and personality.

Matching Cuarzo Reno Tiles

The all new Cuarzo Reno Porcelain Kitchen Worktop Surface from Coverlam Top synchronises perfectly with the Cuarzo Reno Porcelain Tiles range available at our dedicated porcelain tiles company, Urban Tiles.


You can order matching tiles with your worktops at the same time when placing your kitchen worktops orders, so contact us today for a price and production schedule on your next porcelain kitchen worktops project.

About Coverlam Top

Coverlam Top are innovative porcelain kitchen worktops made of natural raw materials, with mechanical properties and a visual appeal superior to those of conventional ones.

Ultra-resistant countertops for kitchens, tables or cabinets are now a reality. Thanks to Coverlam Top‘s extreme hardness, these countertops are resistant to the everyday scratches and wear and tear to which surfaces of this kind are normally subject, allowing them to maintain their original appearance for longer.

About Porcelain Worktops

Porcelain worktops provide all the strength, beauty and hard-wearing durability of natural stone in a variety of gorgeous colours, with the added benefit of being extremely hygienic and resistant to wear & fade.

    Porcelain is a versatile kitchen worktop and flooring material capable of withstanding even high loads.
    The ideal material for contact with foods: surfaces remain extremely hygienic and resist high temperatures and thermal shock.
    Porcelain’s impressive surface hardness allows it to resist scratching and wear.
    Porcelain is highly resistant to chemical attack and colour change.

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