Levantina is a Spanish international company and a world leader in the Natural Stone sector.

Since its foundation in 1959, the company has grown and strongly expanded, becoming a global model in the Natural Stone industry, providing innovation and technology leadership.

Among its greatest assets is its considerable responsiveness, as it has numerous own quarries; competitiveness and innovation, the result of the 7 factories that Levantina has strategically located and where it develops the most advanced technology; the accessibility afforded by the 20 own distribution warehouses; and, lastly, its international presence thanks to exporting to more than 100 countries.

Barocco is a black granite from Levantina with cream and brown veins throughout.

White, grey and cream granite from Levantina.

Cheyenne is a black granite from Levantina of Brazilian origin.

Crema Julia is a cream granite from Levantina with black and white contrasting crystals throughout.

Lennon is a white, blue and grey granite from Levantina.

Polished grey granite with black, brown, cream and shiny silver flecks throughout.

Cream granite from Levantina with light and dark brown crystals and veining throughout.

Staccato is a cream granite from Levantina with contrasting dark & light veining and patchwork throughout.

Stromboli is a black granite from Levantina with brown and white veining throughout.

Volga Blue granite surprises us with the sudden metallic glints that stand out on its black surface

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