70+ Great Kitchen Designs To Get Inspired By

Silestone worktops: Arden Blue Kitchen Design (dark worktop with light kitchen cabinets and island)

The humble kitchen is the cornerstone of a happy home and with so many amazing kitchen designs to choose from, depending on your taste, we have a stone surface for all of them. Get inspired and find out which materials work well in different settings. In this article.

This Kitchen Designs Guide is all about kitchen designs with a modern twist, linking the past with the present and present with clever details to the present, including vintage and modern kitchen designs. The kitchen is now the heart of your home and the central meeting point for friends and family.


1. Kitchen Designs

Get inspired and find out which materials work well in different settings.

The heart of your home and the central meeting point for friends and family, the humble kitchen has become the cornerstone of a happy home and with so many amazing kitchen designs to choose from, depending on your taste, we have a surface for all of them.

2. Small Kitchens

Good things come in tiny packages.

Small kitchens

Small Kitchens are becoming more common as space becomes a premium so designers have to be more clever about the use of space than ever before.

Out of this thoughtfulness comes a desire to increase the elegance and lightness of the space, which is why our Silestone worktops, Dekton and Porcelain surfaces have become so popular in recent years, thanks to their versatility, elegance, beauty and practicality.

Whatever style you opt for in a small kitchen, be it modern or more traditional, rustic or quirky and vintage, our surfaces will set your space off perfectly and provide a beautiful, expensive look that belies the small stature of the small kitchen space.

Small Kitchen Designs:

3. Big Kitchens

Making a statement in a big space.

Big kitchens

Big Kitchens offer an opportunity to create bold statements and one of the many benefits of using Silestone, Dekton or Porcelain for a big kitchen design is the large slab size, giving you a more seamless look on wide or vast surface areas.

A popular feature of big kitchens is to have a central bar or island with the sinks, hobs and ovens integrated, giving rise to storage and entertaining in a more open and sociable environment.

Most big kitchens are more modern in style so our porcelain and Dekton surfaces prove popular as they offer slim variations that create more modern lines and can go on any surface, creating a unified look to the worktops, walls, floors and cupboards.

Big Kitchen Designs:

4. Scandinavian Kitchens

Northern European chic and practicality abound.

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchens (also known as Nordic Kitchens) are as you would expect, North European in their design. They came to prominence in the last century in countries like Sweden, Denmark and Finland where short winter days make the need to maximise the light very acute.

Your typical Scandinavian kitchen will be light and well lit with white and light greys featuring prominently, with cosy features warming wooden floors and a peaceful, balanced design that is minimal, functional and aesthetically very modern in appearance.

Silestone and Dekton from Cosentino are very popular in this style as they feature trend-setting colours that match the design criteria.

Scandinavian Kitchen Designs:

5. American Kitchens

Open plan living for every occasion.

American Kitchen

American Kitchens are typically an open-plan arrangement where the kitchen, dining and lounge areas occupy one single, airy space. This has become more appealing in recent times and the idea offers several benefits in smaller homes where the space needs to be used to the most practical benefit.

The bar-style island is a popular feature, offering much needed additional space for both preparation of food and a seated area from which to enjoy your meal.

Given it’s more of a layout style than a particular aesthetic, you’re unconstrained from the materials or colour schemes you use to create the look.

One of the key benefits of our materials is their large slab configuration, allowing particularly wide or long surfaces to be created with minimal joins, creating a more opulent feel whether using quartz, porcelain, Dekton or granite to achieve the look.

American Kitchen Designs:

6. Rustic Kitchens

For the lover of traditional, practical style.

Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchens are warm and inviting spaces made beautiful with natural colours and more traditionally styled decor featuring lots of natural materials.

The rustic style is grounded in nature and granite is a popular choice for rustic kitchens, where that ‘back to nature’ feel needs to emanate. Rustic kitchens are rooted in the country life, away from the hustle and bustle of tech-infused modernity, so a rustic style kitchen with granite worktops not only looks authentic, it performs in accordance with its premier ideal – practicality.

Rustic Kitchen Designs:

7. Vintage Kitchens

Retro style and nostalgia for the modern age.

Vintage Kitchens

Vintage Kitchens are all about retro design with a modern twist, linking the present to the past with clever details. The 50s, 60s and 70s styling of major architectural elements and surface coverings instantly evokes the feeling of a bygone age and bursts with nostalgia, with vintage styled appliances, details and textiles.

Light and bright colours tend to be preferred in vintage kitchen designs, with surfaces such as Silestone kitchen worktops having appeal due to their robust appearance and sympathetic range of colours, that complement the vintage decor.

Vintage Kitchen Designs:

8. Modern Kitchens

Cutting edge style for those who live in the moment.

Dekton Milar

Modern Kitchens are defined by their minimalistic kitchen design that favours function over decoration, clean lines over complexity and neutral or industrial tones over vibrant colour schemes. Texture also plays more of a role in modern kitchen design, with tactile surfaces becoming commonplace.

Modern kitchen designs feature modern materials and our most popular range of products in modern kitchens are porcelain, Dekton and Silestone.

Porcelain and Dekton both offer a range of styles to suit modern tastes, much like Silestone. The key difference is that porcelain and Dekton can be used in 8mm and 4mm thicknesses, making them ideal for use as floor and wall coverings to match your kitchen worktops, whilst also offering flexibility to be used in other areas that require design matching, for instance cupboard doors and drawer fronts, where traditionally you would have used wood or melamine.

Modern Kitchen Designs:

A kitchen design can be as simple as a few metal pots and pans hanging from a wall in a small space. Or it can be as elaborate as an entire kitchen renovation. The best kitchen designs will strike a balance between form and function.

They should look good, be durable, and help make cooking and eating in a busy home easier. They should also be easy to clean, efficient and fit your budget.
A kitchen can be a challenging space to work with.

It is often the room with the least amount of natural light and the most heat, so there needs to be some extra attention paid to keeping it hygienic and attractive.
Kitchen design involves a lot more than simply applying paint and tiles (although those are always important!).

In order to make the most of your kitchen renovation or renovation of your kitchen, you need to think about the functionality and aesthetics of the space as well as layout.

We hope you found these kitchen design ideas inspiring and would be happy to help if you are looking for a professional kitchen worktops installation on your next project.

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